Clay County Monument

Shortly after Justice Black died in September, 1971, residents of Clay County (Alabama) began to explore options and possibilities for honoring their native son. Among other tributes, the family home where Hugo Black grew up and lived during most of his days in Clay County was placed on the National Register of Historical Places. There also were plans and efforts to restore the house as a museum and library in Black‚Äôs honor.

Regrettably, efforts to raise adequate funds for restoring the house did not succeed. The house fell further into disrepair and eventually had to be torn down.

In 2013, a small group of Alabamians began to re-imagine an effort to remember Justice Black and developed the plans and work that are today this Hugo Black Digital Library and the Hugo Black Monument and Memorial Park.

The Monument and Memorial Park is located on the site where once stood the Black family home in Ashland, Alabama, on Highway 9. The Monument is less than three block south of the Ashland town square and the historic Clay County Courthouse, where Black practiced law before he moved to Birmingham.


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